Trout and other game fish bring the most challenge in the ice fishing world. Depending on whether you’re out for lake trout (togue), brook trout (brookies), rainbow trout, brown trout or salmon there are unique strategies for each one. Trout lures can be an effective strategy when jigging but what is the best lure for catching trout? 

The best lure for trout is debatable and really depends on the laws in your area. The best way to attract trout is to use live bait on an appropriately sized hook and leader. Hook size needs to be determined based on the size of the bait used and the size of the fish you’re after. For lake trout you can use hooks that are a bit bigger but for brookies you might be able to use something a bit smaller. If you use too small a hook it may not set properly after you get a flag.

Not only does the size of the hook matter but also the hook type. We have tested various types of hooks over the years but, at least for ice fishing, octopus hooks seem to work best. The octopus hook has an offset, a lateral bend, as you go from the shank down to the point. 

Now that you know that live bait and a good leader and hook combination is key to success, it is important to remember and match up the variables for the different fish. Depth, water temps, rocky or sandy bottom, spawning activity also need to be considered. Check our other posts for more information on these specific topics.

Hopefully this will give you a few more ideas for the next time you’re out on the ice. If you need help finding the right products for your next trip out make sure to check out our store or drop us a link on our contact page.