We all have similar goals when it comes to fishing but we also have similar barriers. Ideally we have our hook, lures or bait in the water at all times. The opportunity to catch more fish is heavily dependent on how often bait is in the water. Here we will cover three reasons why pre-tied hand made fishing leaders should be your best friend.


We are human and that means we are prone to error. If you’ve been fishing for a long time you are probably pretty good at tying. But not every leader you tie will be exactly the same. The quality of your knot may suffer if you’re in a hurry. It only takes one time where you are slacking off to lose a monster fish.

Many pre-made leaders on the market are tied by actual humans. These humans work like a machines, performing the same process over and over and over again. Advancements in technology show us that machines are very capable of creating similar results time and time again. But, machines are mechanical and they have parts that wear out. So these mechanic machines are equally as good as a human machine. If someone can bust out 100 leaders in an hour it’s safe to say they are a machine. That’s the beauty of hand made fishing leaders. Simply put, quality over quantity.

Cost Saving

Well, there goes another $8 lure. You stop at Wally World right before jumping in the boat. You are super excited to try the new setup. Not ten minutes later you’re trolling along with your new tackle and snag bottom. Save yourself the frustration of having to tie something else on and wasting more hard-earned money. (shh, don’t tell the wife)

In fear that you’ll lose another one, you are not going to use another lure so you revert to something you care about less. Pre-made leaders are a good go-to when you’re trolling. They are simply less expensive and you can put any kind of bait on them, live bait, dead bait, worms, etc. Ideally you stay off bottom but if you need to be where the fish, which means sometimes on bottom, use something like single hook, hand made fishing leaders to stay out of the weeds.

Time Saving

Tying your own leaders while you are fishing is simply inefficient. Avoid the do-it-yourself method. Save the hassle of finding all the necessary components to make new leader. There is just nothing fun about breaking a line or losing a lure. It can easily cost you 5-10 minutes of time that you could have bait in the water.

Hand made fishing leaders come in for the win a third time. A good manufacturer of hand made fishing leaders packages them so they do not tangle when removed. Simply open the package and pull out the leader. Clip it in your barrel snap swivel and you are back in the water.

For consistent, cost effect and time saving hand made pre-tied and ready to go leaders, visit the Maine Pro-Series shop to buy now.